The Simplicity of Building a Foliar-Pak Greens Program

This time of year encourages us to focus on the simple things that are most important. In the spirit of that simplicity, it makes me think of one of my favorite “old” cliché sayings: KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid!

I wanted to relate that phrase to building a greens program with Foliar-Pak. Before I get into the specifics of building a simple program with Foliar-Pak, I would like to make it clear that it’s always best to pull some soil to build a long-term program. That being said, if you’re in need of a quick fix, the following just might be your answer.

The Hamburger Model

When I’m on the road with reps and customers or giving presentations during the seminar/trade show season, I do my best to use images to relate concepts. When it comes to building a greens program, painting a picture helps just as well.

Recently, I was having a meeting with a distributor rep and a superintendent at a Burger King. The superintendent wanted a simple program and an easy approach to building a greens program. I was trying to think of a simple way to look at Foliar-Pak program options. Then, I looked up at the Burger King menu and saw it. A hamburger!

When you look at the menu of burger options, there are many different burgers with many different toppings and condiments, but they all have one thing in common: a top bun, a patty, and a bottom bun. This is a great way to look at a Foliar-Pak program. You can go with as gourmet of a program (burger) as you’d like to build, but you need the three basics 1.) Foliar-based amino acids 2.) An NPK option 3.) Soil-based amino acids. From there you can pile on as many added products (toppings/condiments) as makes sense for your greens.

The Top Bun of Your Program

Let’s look at the top bun. This part is simple. It’s Foundation 40. Foundation 40 is one of our flagship products and technologies. Getting into the specifics of Foundation 40 is for another article (after all this article is about simplicity), but a few bullet points of what it will do for you would be better stress tolerance, better plant energy, and improved uptake and utilization of nutrients.

The Meat Patty of Your Program

How about the meat patty? This is where you have a bit of choice. There isn’t necessarily a wrong choice, as long as it scratches the itch of having NPK. The choice really comes down to questions like “How much N control do you desire?” “What ratio of N: K do you want?,” and “How many extra minor nutrients incorporated into the NPK SKU matters to you?” A few, but not all, Foliar-Pak options are 14-2-4, 11-0-11, 1-0-15, and Grow-In 8-4-5.

The Bottom Bun of Your Program

The last part of the burger would be the bottom bun. We have some options with this part of the program as well, but the important thing is that the product contains Armament technology. Armament is another of Foliar-Pak’s flagship technologies. Again, the specifics of Armament are for another article, but a few benefits would be increased and predictable nutrient uptake and availability, unlocking tied-up nutrients already in the soil, and stopping adverse nutrient reactions in the spray tank and soil that result in nutrient tie-up. There are multiple Foliar-Pak SKUs that are protected by Armament. The choice comes down to personal nutrient preference or a desire for soil conditioning. My personal preference is Colonise Bio because it has 7 diverse carbon sources to feed and condition the soil, as well as a full biological package. A list of options with Armament technology would be Armament P, Armament K, Armament MKS, Grow-In, Play-On, and Colonise Bio.

If you would like to add more toppings, then the decision is up to you! The main thing is to have this simple base, then add more products based on your properties’ prioritized needs.

So, I’ll leave you with this: When looking at building a simple Foliar-Pak greens program, think about your favorite burger joint. Then, think about building a burger!

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About the Author John Gruneisen

I am the Midwest territory sales manager for EnP, supporting the Foliar-Pak product line. I am a Columbus, Ohio native and I graduated from The Ohio State University with BS in Turfgrass Science and a minor in Plant Pathology. I spent nine years in the golf industry before getting into the vendor sector of the green industry eight years ago and focusing on carbon-based fertility. I am passionate about efficient and effective fertilizer. Send me an email if you’d like to connect.

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