Armament® K

Foliar-Pak® Armament® K protects nutrients from adverse interactions in the soil while increasing potassium uptake and efficiency by as much as 30%.

Foliar-Pak Armament K is a premium potassium supplement for highly maintained turfgrass. It is formulated with long chain carbon technology specifically designed to deliver potassium to plant roots.

  • Potassium controls the translocation of carbohydrates and plant osmotic relations and is integral to protein synthesis.
  • Foliar-Pak Armament K provides a high analysis liquid potassium that can be effectively tank mixed with other nutrients and wetting agents.
  • Armament technology ensures predictable nutrient availability.
  • Armament technology increases nutrient availability by unlocking existing tied-up soil nutrients and converting them into plant usable nutrients.
  • Acting as a buffer, Foliar-Pak Armament K can be used in high pH and hard water.
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