Foliar-Pak® 1-0-15 delivers vital potassium to the plant.

Safe, reliable nutrients enhanced with a new plant-derived L-amino acid package. Foliar-Pak 1-0-15 works to increase nutrient absorption and maximize plant nutrition through the use of low dose applications. These L-amino acids work in various pathways to increase nutrient uptake and nutrient transport.


Foliar-Pak 1-0-15 is a high performance foliar fertilizer that promotes turf health by offering the following advantages:

  • Foliar-Pak 1-0-15 is a high performance foliar fertilizer that promotes turf growth by offering the following advantages:
  • L-amino acids are easily absorbed by plants, enhancing uptake of nutrients and tank mix products.
  • Improves the plant’s ability to create necessary proteins and protein structures.
  • Utilization of L-amino acids allows the plant to conserve energy and strengthen root systems.
  • Provides organic molecules that increase chlorophyll and photosynthesis.
  • Potassium helps build leaf strength and helps the plant maintain proper osmotic relations.
  • Micronutrients enhance plant color and help build proper enzymes.
eric hutchins
Forest Oaks Country Club
Eric Hutchins, Golf Course Superintendent at Forest Oaks Country Club

From the late ‘70s to 2007, Forest Oaks Country Club hosted an annual PGA Tour tournament. Fifteen years ago, the momentum compounded by three decades of international attention came to

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matt vollrath
Harbor Shores
Matt Vollrath, Golf Course Superintendent

How many can say they hosted a PGA tournament in their first year as superintendent? Matt Vollrath is one of the lucky few. After almost five years as an assistant,

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chuck zaranec headshot
Country Club of York
Chuck Zaranec, Green and Grounds Superintendent

“Over the past several years using Foliar-Pak products, we’ve reduced the amount of nitrogen while substantially improving the color of our greens throughout the season. Day in and day out

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