Foliar-Pak® Grow-In is an all-in-one product that provides a complete turfgrass establishment program with the convenience of one single product.

Foliar-Pak Grow-In takes the guess work out of building a program for turfgrass establishment.

  • Combines the foliar nutrients most necessary for rapid turfgrass establishment into one jug.
  • Delivers a comprehensive array of beneficial components that charge the plant and the soil.
  • Expedites maturity, density and hardiness of the turfgrass stand.
  • Made for establishment of all turfgrass species.
  • Ideal for recovery of turf damaged by biotic or abiotic stresses.
  • Delivers a biological package specifically designed to bolster low organic soils.
Andrew Rhorer headshot
Boone’s Trace National Golf Club
Andrew Rhorer, Golf Course Superintendent

“Grow-In had an unbelievable response on my golf course. Some areas on my greens were struggling to recover from aerification due to the brief transition from summer to winter. I

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david stacey hydroseed inc testimonial image
HydroSeed Inc.
David Stacey, Sports Turf Division

I’m a BIG FAN of Foliar-Pak Grow-In! My service has always been results-driven, not price. Cheap does not work in this business. I was blown away by the results, especially during a severe drought and heat. I’ve completely implemented this product and have changed all our fertilizing programs based around this method.

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