Foliar-Pak® Grow-In is an all-in-one product that provides a complete turfgrass establishment program with the convenience of one single product.

Foliar-Pak Grow-In takes the guess work out of building a program for turfgrass establishment.

  • Combines the foliar nutrients most necessary for rapid turfgrass establishment into one jug.
  • Delivers a comprehensive array of beneficial components that charge the plant and the soil.
  • Expedites maturity, density and hardiness of the turfgrass stand.
  • Made for establishment of all turfgrass species.
  • Ideal for recovery of turf damaged by biotic or abiotic stresses.
  • Delivers a biological package specifically designed to bolster low organic soils.
john corrigan, Turf and Plant Health Care manager at infinity lawn and landscaping
Infinity Lawn and Landscaping
John Corrigan, Turf and Plant Health Care

It appeared to be a hopeless situation. The sod for a homeowner’s backyard sat in 90-degree heat for three days due to a delivery mistake and a bad irrigation box.

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Andrew Rhorer headshot
Boone’s Trace National Golf Club
Andrew Rhorer, Golf Course Superintendent

“Grow-In had an unbelievable response on my golf course. Some areas on my greens were struggling to recover from aerification due to the brief transition from summer to winter. I

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david stacey hydroseed inc testimonial image
HydroSeed Inc.
David Stacey, Sports Turf Division

I’m a BIG FAN of Foliar-Pak Grow-In! My service has always been results-driven, not price. Cheap does not work in this business. I was blown away by the results, especially during a severe drought and heat. I’ve completely implemented this product and have changed all our fertilizing programs based around this method.

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