Colonise Bio

Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio is a highly specific blend of fifteen microorganisms, microbe food and nutrient enhancers. Colonise Bio is enhanced with Armament, AminoPrecise and Colonise technologies to target better nutrient uptake, plant resilience, rooting and turf playability.

Colonise Bio is enhanced with Armament, AminoPrecise and Colonise technologies.

  • Contains specific bacteria to break down thatch and to increase the availability of nitrogen and nutrients.
  • Specific amino acids work to help the plants create stronger roots and more chlorophyll.
  • Better playability and quicker recovery due to improved nutrient uptake and cellular water retention.
casey cunningham, Golf Course Superintendent at the club at old hawthorne
The Club at Old Hawthorne
Casey Cunningham, Golf Course Superintendent

The Club at Old Hawthorne, located in the rolling hills of Columbia, Missouri, and home to the Mizzou men’s and women’s golf teams, is a relatively young course, having opened

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korey waseman headshot
Skyland Pines Golf Course
Korey Waseman, Golf Course Superintendent

“I have a few greens that struggle because they sit in the shade and do not get enough sunlight. But, after using Colonise Bio and BioWet once a month in

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jon price on course green
Village Club of Lake Success
Jon Price, Golf Course Superintendent

Jon Price, Golf Course Superintendent at Village Club of Lake Success, has complete confidence in Foliar-Pak because of its people and its products. “Foliar-Pak’s employees have expert knowledge about how

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