The Armament Technology Difference

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Over the last few years, a lot has been written and said about Armament Technology. The fact that Armament Concentrate is one of the top five most popular Foliar-Pak products speaks volumes. For those that are unfamiliar with Armament, it is our leading soil carbon technology. This is not carbon for the sake of carbon as many of our competitors seem to purport. Armament is specifically designed to produce a predictable response in the soil. It works to enhance nutrient uptake through increased availability of soil nutrients. This makes Armament a very important tool when we grow plants on the compromised soils we often encounter.

When it comes to utilizing Armament Technology, there are many options for growers. Armament Concentrate, Armament K, Armament P, Colonise Bio along with Grow-In and Play-On are some of the most popular ways to insert great soil technology into a program. Others choose to use one or two of the many granular fertilizers that are impregnated with Armament.

It seems like every day I hear a new story or comment about how Armament is making a difference in growers’ programs. I am continually amazed at how effective Armament is, and I’m very happy that I have it in my arsenal when making recommendations for turf grower’s programs. One of the most gratifying aspects of being a manufacturer’s representative is having the opportunity to interact with end-users and be able to impact their program in positive ways. So, I’d like to share a recent story about how Armament made a significant impact on a golf course greens program.

In this particular situation, we used tissue testing as a tool to determine just how effective one liquid application with Armament products can be. The name of the club and the superintendent aren’t really important, but this story emanates from a quite prominent golf course in southern Ohio. Their Advanced Turf Solutions rep and I made a quick visit to this course where the superintendent was not completely pleased with the overall quality of the turf and felt like he was missing out on something nutritionally. After spending time with the superintendent and discussing his recent applications, we all felt that a soil application of Armament P, Armament K, and Colonise Bio could make a difference. That day we also submitted a tissue sample from his greens to AgSource, and I’m glad we did!

Here is how the series of events played out.

  • Thursday, May 28, the ATS rep and I visited and sent in the tissue samples for analysis.
  • Friday, May 29, the application of Armament P, Armament K, and Colonise Bio was made and watered-in.
  • Over the weekend, the superintendent noticed a nice color response.
  • Thursday, June 4, the superintendent decided to take a follow-up tissue sample from the greens that received the Armament app.

Below are the tissue test results from before the treatment and after the treatment. It’s pretty easy to discern the uptick in plant uptake after the Armament products were applied. P and K concentrations were expected to increase since they were applied to the turf. What is really exciting is the way Armament increased the availability and uptake of other nutrients that already existed in the soil but were not in that spray tank. Most notably N, Mg, Ca, S, Zn, Cu, and B were the nutrients that were low in the first tissue test but had increased to satisfactory levels after the Armament was applied.

plant analysis results of first tissue test
Before Armament Application


plant analysis results of second tissue test
After Armament Application


In this hectic world of every day turfgrass management, we rarely encounter situations where we can support a visual plant response with data.  Whenever this opportunity presents itself though, Foliar-Pak technology will always impress!

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About the Author Curt Geron

I am a Foliar-Pak territory manager and the lead for Foliar-Pak product development. I’ve been with EnP Investments, the manufacturer of Foliar-Pak, for almost nine years. In addition to my responsibilities at EnP, I’ve worked as golf course superintendent and owner/operator of a lawn care company. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from The Ohio State University, I developed a passion for plant science and fertility. If you would like to learn more about the science behind our products or discuss practical applications for using our products to improve turfgrass and plant health, let’s connect.

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