Armament® Concentrate

Foliar-Pak® Armament Concentrate is a high-molecular-weight amino acid polymer that complexes nutrients and improves their availability in the soil.

Armament technology is a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer. This high molecular weight structure holds a large population of negative charges. These negative charges gently complex positively charged metals, keeping them in solution.

Apply Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate with routine fertilizer applications for deeper, stronger roots, more resilient turf and longer lasting color.

  • Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate increases nutrient uptake and ensures predictable nutrient availability.
  • Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate unlocks the tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil, turning them into plant usable nutrition.
  • Armament technology prevents nutrient-to-nutrient interactions and chemical changes in the spray tank and the soil.
  • Completely biodegradable and will not accumulate in the environment.
  • Acting as a buffer, Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate can be used in high pH and hard water.
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