Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club

“I feel like I’ve tried just about every seaweed extract product out there. I have not found one that works as well for rooting, is as concentrated, or as clean as BioSea S. A lot of other seaweed extracts will settle out once they sit on the shelf for a month. BioSea does not. It is just phenomenal.”

“I remember when I first started looking into CSi L. I kept hearing that other Superintendents were spraying it on their bermudagrass and getting a high increase in green speeds. I didn’t believe that at all. But I did try it, and sure enough, within two or three days, we saw an increase of around three to four inches on the stimpmeter. That’s a huge benefit, especially with bermudagrass.”

“Other wetting agents and adjuvants I’ve used in the past have caused some type of microbial damage to my turf. BioWet has not caused damage. In fact, it has increased the microbiology. Biowet is by far the best wetting agent out there.”

jimmy alston headshot

Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club

Jimmy Alston, Golf Course Superintendent