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It appeared to be a hopeless situation. The sod for a homeowner’s backyard sat in 90-degree heat for three days due to a delivery mistake and a bad irrigation box. At first, the only solution was to go through the costly effort of replacing the brown and dying sod. Then, the homeowner turned to John Corrigan of Infinity Lawn and Landscaping.

John Corrigan is in charge of turf and plant health care at Infinity, owned by Scott and Todd Elam. In the beginning, the company specialized in hardscapes and landscapes but wanted to transition into offering customers a four or five-step fertilizer application program.

Corrigan was brought on board to initiate this division, and he was introduced to Greg Pavlovcic of Advanced Turf Solutions when he was looking for a ride-on sprayer-spreader.

“Greg and I became instant buds. He helped me select the machine and taught me how to calibrate it,” said Corrigan.

“I told Greg my goal of wanting to feed the soil instead of just looking for a green lawn. He’s been extremely helpful in giving me product suggestions to achieve healthier lawns for my customers.”

To fix the dormant sod, Corrigan turned to Pavlovcic for any possible recommendations. He immediately suggested Foliar-Pak’s Grow-In.

Corrigan applied Grow-In and water the first week and followed up with applications of Grow-In and Advanced Turf Solutions 16-28-12 in the second week.

“At first, it was comical to the neighbors,” he said. “They just saw me walking the backyard every day with a 300-ft hose and spraying a brown lawn. I walked north and south to apply the Grow-In, and then in the same application, walked east and west. I doubled the application every time.”

In a short two weeks’ time, the sod went through an incredible transformation and became healthy and green, and Corrigan gained a delighted customer for years to come.

“The homeowner told me that all his neighbors thought it was a joke to water that sod, but now everyone thinks he has the greenest lawn,” said Corrigan.

“Grow-In took the lawn from the embarrassment to the envy of the neighborhood. The results opened my mind, and I’m excited to have a home for Grow-In in programs for my customers.”

john corrigan, Turf and Plant Health Care manager at infinity lawn and landscaping

Infinity Lawn and Landscaping

John Corrigan, Turf and Plant Health Care