Foliar-Pak® CSi L is one of the most concentrated liquid silicon products in the market at 25% SiO2 by weight.

It is derived from silicic acid, and forms a low molecular weight silica polymer.

  • Foliar-Pak CSi L is paired with a specific amino acid that acts as an osmolyte in the plant—which helps keep water in the cell, creating optimal turgor pressure and rigidity in the turf.
  • Unlike other silicon products on the market, Foliar-Pak CSi L is tank-mix compatible with a variety of other products as it is built to not interact with other molecules in the spray tank.
  • Owing to its small molecular weight and size, Foliar-Pak CSi L moves through the foliage very easily, unlike other silicon products such as silicates and slags that are not soluble, and therefore are not readily available for plant uptake and use.
  • Silicon delivered from Foliar-Pak CSi L will increase plant turgidity, resulting in more upright growth, smoother surfaces, better green speed and better wear tolerance.
Bryan Flaherty, golf course superintendent at south hills country club
South Hills Country Club
Bryan Flaherty, Golf Course Superintendent

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JT Thompson, golf course super intendent at york golf club
York Golf Club
JT Thompson, Golf Course Superintendent

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Ethan Johnson, golf course super intendent at village club of sands point
Village Club of Sands Point
Ethan Johnson, Golf Course Superintendent

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