HydroPak® BioWet

HydroPak® BioWet is a multi-functional, biodegradable wetting agent that works with the soil ecology while bringing a high level of performance.

By working to improve the moisture balance in the root zone through a combination of biodegradable penetration and hydration agents, HydroPak® BioWet improves oxygen and microbial levels.

  • Hydro-Pak® BioWet is a proprietary formulation that contains designed-for-environment sulfonic and carboxylic acids that reduce soil surface tension and improve water infiltration allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • Hydro-Pak® BioWet is especially useful in areas that deal with bicarbonate and sodium issues as the anionic sulfonic and carboxylic acids work to help break down the bicarbonates and pull the sodium through the soil profile.
  • Hydro-Pak® BioWet contains coconut- and sugar-based compounds that work to maintain consistent moisture levels in the root zone.
JT Thompson, golf course super intendent at york golf club
York Golf Club
JT Thompson, Golf Course Superintendent

JT Thompson, superintendent of York Golf Club in Columbus, OH, began using Foliar-Pak when he decided to focus on his putting surfaces. He had fifteen poa greens, which were still

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korey waseman headshot
Skyland Pines Golf Course
Korey Waseman, Golf Course Superintendent

“I have a few greens that struggle because they sit in the shade and do not get enough sunlight. But, after using Colonise Bio and BioWet once a month in

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jimmy alston headshot
Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club
Jimmy Alston, Golf Course Superintendent

“I feel like I’ve tried just about every seaweed extract product out there. I have not found one that works as well for rooting, is as concentrated, or as clean

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