Foliar-Pak® Zinc uses specific amino acids to fully chelate the zinc ion, which allows for maximum foliar entry into the plant.



Foliar-Pak Zinc is a newly formulated fertilizer that increases zinc content in plants by offering the following advantages:

  • Protected by a 2:1 ratio of amino acids to zinc, the zinc is fully chelated by amino acids.
  • Complete chelation of the zinc ion maximizes the solubility of the complex, and the protection given to zinc, which increases foliar entry into the plants, while also ensuring a more efficient movement through the vascular system.
  • The amino acids used help the plant build better energy through increased photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, and anti-stress molecule production. In addition to this, in warm season plants, the amino acids aid in carbon fixation.
  • Acting in concert with amino acids, zinc is a component of over 300 different enzymes in plants. These enzymes are responsible for many different types of processes in the plants such as RNA production, hormone production, carbon fixation, plant defense, and chlorophyll production. Zinc is also important in stomatal conductance, meaning that the addition of Foliar-Pak Zinc can create an optimal environment for the opening of the stomatal pores, which will in turn maximize photosynthesis.
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