Colonise Bio LTO

Foliar–Pak® Colonise Bio LTO is a highly specific blend of microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers.

This helps to promote color response, plant resilience and nutrient uptake.

  • Colonise Bio LTO is formulated with Armament, AminoPrecise and Colonise technologies to target better nutrient uptake, plant resilience and rooting.
  • Bacteria assists with nutrient and water uptake. Microbe food helps support soil biology.
  • Amino acids support plant resilience and increase color response.
dwight bizzell headshot
Bizzell Lawn Care & Nursery
Dwight Bizzell, Lawn Care Business Operator

“Colonise Bio LTO, Armament Concentrate, and 18-3-4 are my power play. When I go out with my tanks, that trio is almost always mixed in. My customer’s lawns are a

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