Base Calcium

Foliar-Pak® Base Calcium is a highly concentrated calcium based on a proprietary dispersion and suspension process that includes polymers and sugars.

Foliar-Pak Base Calcium is a soil-applied product designed to fill the void between foliar calcium applications, and soil-applied granular applications.  Providing more calcium than a foliar application, while being much smaller in particle size compared to a granular application, allows Foliar-Pak Base Calcium to begin working in the soil during in-season applications.  With its small particle size, Foliar-Pak Base Calcium is easily solubilized and adsorbed to soil cation exchange sites.


In The Soil:

  • Calcium has the ability to displace sodium ions on the soil colloid, and also buffer salts that may be present in the root rhizosphere.
  • Calcium helps to push the soil platelets apart, creating a more suitable environment for aeration and root growth.
  • Calcium is important in maintaining proper base saturation levels.

In The Plant:

  • Calcium plays an active role in the uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Calcium strengthens cell walls and works as a signal messenger.
  • Calcium increases cuticular thickness and cell turgor pressure.
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