Foliar-Pak® Iron provides rapid green up and extended color response by delivering iron and manganese protected by plant metabolites.

Triple Protected Iron and Manganese

Foliar-Pak Iron is a brand new, unique combination of iron and manganese that is protected by three different natural and modified plant metabolites. Each plant metabolite performs well in its own niche. The low-molecular-weight plant metabolites allow for movement through the stomatal pores and transcuticular pores; the high-molecular-weight modified plant metabolite chelates the iron and manganese for secondary uptake via the soil. This engineered redundancy ensures rapid uptake for the turf in all growing conditions.

  • Improves turf color when added to tank mixes with PGR and certain fungicides.
  • Provides proper pH reduction and stability to chemical tank-mix combinations.
  • Multiple chelators provide rapid color response and longer residual color.
  • Soluble organic nitrogen increases uptake and efficacy of nutrients and PGR’s.
  • Ideal ratio of Fe and Mn provides unsurpassed color response.
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