Preparing for Winter with Foliar-Pak

winter trees and grass

The Foliar-Pak brand is a cornerstone in our nutritional programs due to the compatibility, and visual plant performance benefits the formulations produce. This past season has seen a tremendous increase in play on golf courses here in Ontario. This, coupled with intense heat and drought, put tremendous stress on turf. October has been welcomed with cooler weather and much-needed rain. Fall inputs are essential to extend turf recovery and build strong plants for the upcoming winter season. The stronger the turf goes into winter, the better the spring performance. We lean on Foliar-Pak to push turf health and performance throughout the entire growing season. The late fall applications are essential as daylight hours decrease, and we strive to maintain plant energy for October play while building carbohydrate reserves in the crowns and tissues needed for the hardening off process required for winter cold temperature tolerance.

Foundation Forty is the cornerstone product for all of our seasonal programs, including late fall applications, by providing specific amino acids that increase chlorophyll production, turf vigor, and carbohydrate production. Amperage is optimally suited for cool weather performance providing simple sugars and primary minerals suited for maintaining plant energy and color during cool, cloudy stretches. The addition of Armament K and CSi L provide effective foliar potassium and silicon, which aid in increased cell strength and plant turgidity essential for late-season wear tolerance while increasing turf cold weather stress tolerance during the hardening off phase.

The Foliar-Pak Winter Prep Program is an effective tank-mix partner with fall fungicide applications as we prepare our turf to go into winter clean and strong.

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About the Author Trevor Hunter

I have 34 years’ experience in the golf industry. 7 years as an Assistant Golf Superintendent before moving to the vendor side where I have spent the last 21 years as a Turf Specialist with Ontario Seed Company. I am a Guelph Gryphon 1992 OUAA Championship Golf Team Alumni and graduate of the University of Guelph Turf Management Program. I am passionate and driven to provide the best solutions to meet the challenges of growing high performance turf.

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