Foliar-Pak® Amperage is a liquid blend of iron, manganese and zinc in an Amperage organic nitrogen matrix.

  • Foliar-Pak Amperage is formulated with a blend of gluconic sugars that hold the metallic ions in solution allowing the plant to assimilate the nutrients as they are required.
  • Foliar-Pak Amperage is great for maintaining base levels of the primary minerals required for complete photosynthesis especially during periods of cool temperatures.
  • Especially useful when plant metabolism declines due to low sunlight and sub-optimal temperatures.
  • Energy will provide excellent plant color response due to superior uptake of micronutrients chelated with gluconates.
  • Sugars from natural molasses energize plants and microbes with available carbon sources that stimulate biological activity.
  • Greatly increases microbial activity and can aid in thatch reduction.
Greenbrier Golf & Country Club, KY
Johnathan Doyle, Golf Course Superintendent

Foliar-Pak offers a good value. It performs as well—if not better—than some more expensive brands. And I like that I can control what I’m putting down and modify or change it a little depending on the time of year or amount of stress.

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