Overcoming Early Summer Stress with Foliar-Pak

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After one of the coldest winters in recent memory, our turf in the Southeast took a serious beating. When you factor in the social distancing guidelines regarding the sharing of golf carts, we also took more cart traffic on our golf courses than ever before.

Our seasons change rapidly here in Florida and in order to stay healthy and ahead of the curve, turf managers and sports field managers have come to trust and rely on Foliar-Pak. Foliar-Pak Foundation 40, Gold Standard 45, CSi L and Armament Concentrate give the plant the extra reserves needed to weather the seasons (we currently haven’t had a substantial rain event in some areas in nearly a month) of added stress and to aid in a quicker and complete recovery.

Armament Concentrate plays a key role during these periods because of nutrient tie-ups due to affluent water sources. Customers who are utilizing these products year round find it easier to ride out the rough periods without compromising green speeds and playability.


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About the Author Nathan Florian

I am a Bronson's Turf Solutions sales rep in Florida who loves helping customers discover the power of Foliar-Pak. I have been in the industry for most of my life. My family was and is involved in the turfgrass industry with Bronson's Turf Solutions. I also spent several years working on a golf course and as an equipment manager. For the last seven years, I have been working in sales, ensuring my customers have the best turfgrass in the industry.

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