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In May of 2016, Hydroseed Inc. representative David Stacey and J&D Turf set out to renovate a troubled Southern Michigan football field with poor drainage.

Knowing they had a lot of work in front of them, Stacey and J&D Turf quickly went to work to correct the field. To begin, they fraise mowed the field and reseeded it. After the overseeding work, Stacey put down a seed starter fertilizer, Endure 10-20-8. Then, 30 days later, he applied Endure 24-0-3 with iron and micronutrients.

Stacey controlled all irrigation on the field, so he split the watering times into 3x daily, keeping in mind that the football field could only handle 0.2 of an inch per hour. Watering frequency was every day with the split times being adjusting according to growth.

However, with the July heat and a drought in full swing, the renovation was not helping the field as much as they had hoped. The field had a serious growth issue. With play starting soon, Stacey needed to come up with a resolution quickly.

The resolution was the Foliar-Pak Grow-In formula. When added to a program with Nature Safe® 12-2-6, applied every seven days for four weeks straight, the liquid formula displayed impressive results.

Stacey said, “I’m a BIG FAN of Foliar-Pak Grow-In! My service has always been results-driven, not price. Cheap does not work in this business. I was blown away by the results, especially during a severe drought and heat. I’ve completely implemented this product and have changed all our fertilizing programs based around this method.”

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HydroSeed Inc.

David Stacey, Sports Turf Division