Foliar-Pak® Boron is a highly concentrated liquid boron product formulated by reacting boric acid with a specific amino acid to deliver a new boron-amino acid complex.

This complex increases the boron solubility, helping it move into the plant more effectively. The amino acid itself metabolizes into important structures that improve plant performance. Foliar-Pak Boron provides health responses not offered from other Boron fertilizers.

  • Foliar-Pak Boron is a prescriptive fertilizer used as a supplement when soil or tissue levels are found deficient.
  • Foliar-Pak Boron will improve energy transformation reactions and carbohydrate transport mechanisms.
  • Boron deficiencies result in lower Potassium uptake, lower rates of water absorption and lower transpiration.
  • Root cell elongation is dependent upon good Boron levels.
  • Calcium and Boron work in tandem to form pectates that strengthen cell walls.
  • Boron is required for lignin formation but when boron is limited the process is derailed resulting in harmful free radical production instead.
  • The amino acid component in Foliar-Pak Boron metabolizes into structures that increase chlorophyll production and build anti-stress compounds.
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