The Foliar-Pak Difference: CSi L & Amperage

bottles of amerage and csi-l

What makes Foliar-Pak different, and why is that important to you and your playing surfaces?

A few things make Foliar-Pak different from other foliar products in the market, but I wanted to focus on one particular difference-maker: AminoPrecise. In simple terms, AminoPrecise uses specific amino acids with individual nutrients for higher solubility, improved vascular movement, and more efficient entry to maximize the performance of the nutrient being applied. This nutrient efficiency is a huge advantage to turf managers and the performance of their playing surfaces.

A great example of how AminoPrecise provides solutions for turf managers would be CSI L and its results in dealing with stress. CSi L is a highly concentrated silicon product reacted with specific amino acids important to turgidity. Unlike most silicon products on the market, which have solubility and mixing issues, CSI L is a clean solution that can be mixed with most everything. With the assistance of AminoPrecise, silicon moves very well in the plant, resulting in many benefits due to keeping more water in cells. CSI L will produce more upright growth, higher stress tolerance, along with many other benefits. Due to the solubility AminoPrecise provides, CSI L is easily tank mixed and can be beneficial to any turf fertility program.

Amperage would be another example of how Foliar-Pak can provide solutions to specific needs through the AminoPrecise technology. Amperage is a 5% nitrogen product along with iron, zinc, and manganese. It is formulated with a high concentration of specific aminos and a load of molasses. While Amperage can be a regular nitrogen source of fertility programs, it shines in shoulder seasons when soil temps are still cool, and there is minimal sunlight. Due to AminoPrecise, Amperage, like CSI L and other Foliar-Pak products, move quickly through the plant, increasing photosynthesis. Amperage provides great color while fulfilling nutrient needs.

The amino acid formulations allow for efficient and targeted usage of nutrients to both maintain turf needs and correct deficiencies. Because of the efficiency level, many of the products across the Foliar-Pak line have well below normal use rates. The AminoPrecise technology provides solutions to the multitude of challenges turf managers face throughout the growing season.

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I am an Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative for the Detroit market. I have over 25 years of golf course maintenance experience working as a Superintendent for 11 years, an Assistant for 7 years, and other positions. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Turf Science. I enjoy solving problems, accomplishing goals, and working with others to do the same.

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