Quick Color Response with Foliar-Pak Amperage and Magnesium

Amperage and Magnesium right next to one another

When you need a rapid color response, reach for Foliar-Pak Amperage. Amperage contains Foliar-Pak’s AminoPrecise technology, a load of molasses, and water-soluble iron, zinc, and manganese. Iron, zinc, and manganese are photosynthesis nutrients, which allows Amperage to add color to the plant regardless of whether the soil has nutrient deficiencies.

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This product shines in the spring and fall shoulder seasons. Supplying the minerals in Amperage to plants in periods of low light or cool temperatures promotes an excellent color response due to improved photosynthesis. Amperage will also jump-start the production of chloroplasts, increasing the turf’s green color without producing excess growth.

grass turning green and then black and white

Another Foliar-Pak product to reach for when you need a rapid color response is Foliar-Pak Magnesium.

Magnesium bottle close-up

Magnesium is the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule. So, it’s going to result in a color response. The beauty of Foliar-Pak Magnesium lies in the way it’s constructed. Magnesium is chelated with an amino acid used by the plant. That particular amino acid is also the plant’s carbon source to build the chlorophyll molecule. So you will have a synergistic effect between the amino acid and Magnesium, giving you the color response you are looking for quickly.

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