HydroPak® Matador

HydroPak® MATADOR is a matrix active soil surfactant.

  • Hydro-Pak® MATADOR is a safe non-ionic wetting agent, based on innovative block polymer technology designed to establish and maintain a consistent moisture level in the root zone.
  • Hydro-Pak® MATADOR works by breaking down the hydrophobic coatings found in certain soil profiles reducing water repellency.
  • Hydro-Pak® MATADOR balances the root zone moisture conditions which: Improves oxygen levels—Increases microbial activity—Improves plant stress tolerance— Increases plant metabolism.
  • Hydro-Pak® MATADOR is safe to use on all types of turf throughout the growing season.
close-up of golf course at dusk
Oldham County Country Club
Jacob Blair, CGCS/General Manager

Foliar-Pak Matador is one of Jacob Blair’s favorite and most consistently used products. He’s currently the general manager/golf course superintendent at Oldham County Country Club and has used Matador for

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