Foliar-Pak® Manganese with AminoPrecise® uses specific amino acids to fully chelate the manganese ion, which allows for maximum foliar entry into the plant.

Triple Protected Manganese and Magnesium

Foliar-Pak Manganese is a brand new formulation using three natural and modified plant metabolites specific for protecting manganese and magnesium.
Each plant metabolite performs well in its own niche. The low-molecular-weight plant metabolites allow for movement through the stomatal pores and trans-cuticular pores; the high-molecular weight modified plant metabolite chelates the manganese and magnesium for secondary uptake via the soil. This engineered redundancy ensures rapid uptake for the turf in all growing conditions.


Foliar-Pak Manganese with AminoPrecise is a newly formulated fertilizer that increases manganese content in plants by offering the following advantages:

  • Protected by a 2:1 ratio of amino acids to manganese, the manganese is fully chelated by amino acids.
  • Complete chelation of the manganese ion maximizes the solubility of the complex, and the protection given to manganese, which increases foliar entry into the plants, while also ensuring a more efficient movement through the vascular system.
  • The amino acids used help the plant build better energy through increased photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, and anti-stress molecule production. In addition to this, in warm season plants, the amino acids aid in carbon fixation.
chuck zaranec headshot
Country Club of York
Chuck Zaranec, Green and Grounds Superintendent

“Over the past several years using Foliar-Pak products, we’ve reduced the amount of nitrogen while substantially improving the color of our greens throughout the season. Day in and day out

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Greenbrier Golf & Country Club logo
Greenbrier Golf & Country Club, KY
Johnathan Doyle, Golf Course Superintendent

Foliar-Pak offers a good value. It performs as well—if not better—than some more expensive brands. And I like that I can control what I’m putting down and modify or change it a little depending on the time of year or amount of stress.

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tom bolin testimonial image
Lake Forest Country Club
Tom Bolon, Golf Course Superintendent

“I’ve been on the Foliar-Pak greens program for three seasons now, and the products keep getting better and better. We spray and just watch the greens come alive. We’re mowing

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