The Perfect Partner for Blanket Weed Control Sprays


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Each time you make a blanket weed control spray this season, there’s one product from Foliar-Pak you need: Armament Concentrate. It’s the perfect partner for your blanket weed control sprays.

Armament concentrate is a perfect partner for blanket weed control sprays because it will make your customer’s lawns healthier and a different green than you’re typically used to seeing. Armament Concentrate contains Armament technology, a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer that unlocks the tied-up nutrients already existing in the soil, making your nutrients being applied up to 30% more efficient. Due to the unlocking nature of the technology, when adding Armament Concentrate into your blanket weed control sprays, you’ll notice your customer’s lawns are a deeper, darker, more noticeable green, and their health has improved.

You’ll also notice those benefits without the worry of a hefty price tag. Armament Concentrate is economically priced.

Besides creating healthier and more noticeably green lawns without a hefty price tag, Armament Concentrate also helps reduce inputs. How does it do this? The Armament technology in Armament Concentrate protects the nutrients in spray tanks, too, making them more available for plant uptake. This leads to the reduction in inputs.

To illustrate, here is a real-life example of how Armament Concentrate reduced inputs. Before Armament technology was available, one of our distributor reps had customers that would buy their own 46-0-0 urea, melt it down, and spray it at one full pound of nitrogen. Their program was good, but when a stabilized nitrogen product was added, they knew they could make it better. So, they combined the stabilized nitrogen with the 46-0-0, putting it out at three-quarters of a pound of nitrogen, and it did indeed improve their program.

When Armament Concentrate entered the market, the distributor rep knew he could improve their programs even further with fewer inputs. He encouraged his customers to add Armament Concentrate to the stabilized product and 46-0-0. The new program resulted in his customers using half as much nitrogen (1/2 lb) as they had used in the past while still making their lawns look greener longer.

What is the last reason Armament Concentrate is the perfect partner for those blanket weed control sprays? You can get all the benefits of the additive and still not have to put it out at a high volume. Its formula is concentrated with few fillers, allowing it to have tremendous success working with low-volume equipment, like ride-on spreaders/sprayers and trucks with hoses.

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About the Author Curt Geron

I am a Foliar-Pak territory manager and the lead for Foliar-Pak product development. I’ve been with EnP Investments, the manufacturer of Foliar-Pak, for almost nine years. In addition to my responsibilities at EnP, I’ve worked as golf course superintendent and owner/operator of a lawn care company. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from The Ohio State University, I developed a passion for plant science and fertility. If you would like to learn more about the science behind our products or discuss practical applications for using our products to improve turfgrass and plant health, let’s connect.

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