A Lawn Care Fertility Program That Won’t Break the Bank

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Does your lawn care company need a simple program that offers a lot without busting your bank account? The Foliar-Pak Custom Lawn Program is it. The program involves Ultra N, Armament Concentrate, and Microsync.

Ultra N is a soluble, stabilized urea that limits the nitrogen that goes into each spray. Armament Concentrate also helps provide plants with a steady supply of nutrients.

Another component of the program is Microsync, which is a micronutrient product developed specifically for lawn care. Many lawn care operators spray iron when it’s not what the plant needs. Overapplying iron can actually do more harm than good. A buildup of iron in the soil reduces uptake of copper, manganese, and zinc.

These micronutrients are just as important as iron, and deficiencies will cause issues such as poor color. Copper, manganese, and zinc play significant roles in helping plants defend themselves from diseases. By ensuring your plants have sufficient amounts of these micronutrients, you may be able to reduce fungicide inputs or get more results out of the fungicide applications you already make.

That’s where Microsync comes into play. It’s a chelated micronutrient package with boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and amino acids. The metals in Microsync are 100% chelated, which provides longer-lasting color and health benefits. Microsync is a much better answer than basic iron sources, plus it’s totally compatible with pesticides. It’s user-friendly and helps in the quest to provide a better balance of nutrition for the plant.

The Foliar-Pak Custom Lawn Program comprises stabilized urea as our nitrogen source, Foliar-Pak MicroSync, and Armament Concentrate. It can also contain a potassium source if preferred (Potassium Chloride at 0.125-.25 lbs K20 per M). Or, if Ultra N is not an option for you, use a granular nitrogen source. Granular nitrogen is perfect for those using a low-volume applicator. Once you’re using a more comprehensive nutrient approach and taking advantage of Armament, you can reduce your overall nitrogen inputs while producing stronger turf.

What does all this mean for your lawns and your business? By lowering nitrogen rates and creating a healthier turfgrass stand, you’ll have more controlled growth, less mowing, and fewer clippings lying around. You’ll have better drought and heat tolerance, less disease, and lower insect and weed pressure. You’ll also have fewer callbacks from your customers, which means fewer headaches, more opportunities to build revenue with your labor, and fewer customer turnovers. All of these benefits have positive implications for your bottom line as a lawn care operator.

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About the Author Curt Geron

I am a Foliar-Pak territory manager and the lead for Foliar-Pak product development. I’ve been with EnP Investments, the manufacturer of Foliar-Pak, for almost nine years. In addition to my responsibilities at EnP, I’ve worked as golf course superintendent and owner/operator of a lawn care company. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from The Ohio State University, I developed a passion for plant science and fertility. If you would like to learn more about the science behind our products or discuss practical applications for using our products to improve turfgrass and plant health, let’s connect.

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