Grow-In for Fall Seeding

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You may be familiar with using Grow-In on established turf, but do you know how useful it is for fall seeding projects too? An all-in-one liquid fertilizer that delivers a comprehensive array of nutrients, Grow-In not only increases the density of established turf but also rapidly establishes turf from germination to maturity. Delivering a biological package specifically designed to bolster low organic soils, Grow-In is ideal for ensuring a successful fall seeding.

Application timing and rates depend on your budget, labor, and expectations for your seeding project. You can use it as often as 9-12oz/1000 weekly or as infrequently as only once after germination. With such a wide range of use, results will vary depending on your investment. The best results occur when you apply a starter fertilizer before seeding, Grow-In at 9-12oz/1000 weekly after germination, and nitrogen at 0.2-0.3lb/1000 every 14-30 days after germination. The nitrogen source is flexible, but we suggest something organic like composted manure.

Another application option for Grow-In is as a seed treatment before seeding. You can actually soak entire bags of seed with the product in a 55-gallon drum. One customer used 50 gallons of water and 64 ounces of Grow-In to soak seed for twelve hours, with impressive results. After just six days, the seed had germinated and was growing rapidly. Grow-In has the power to quickly increase the biomass of germinated seed, drive root growth, and eventually develop a robust root system for young plants.

This product isn’t just effective — it’s also flexible and convenient. As mentioned above, application rates and timing can be adapted to specific projects. Whether you’re overseeding or completing a new seeding this fall, Grow-In has the nutrients to improve your success going into winter dormancy. It’s effective on golf courses, sports fields, and residential lawns, making it a versatile product for whatever seeding projects you’re planning.

Combining the most necessary nutrients for rapid seed germination and turfgrass establishment into one jug, Grow-In truly is an all-in-one fertilizer.

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