Gold Standard 45: Summer Stress Reliever

container of new gold standard 45

During summer stress, cool-season plants want to shut down, which essentially means going dormant. In a worst-case scenario situation, the plants die. By assisting plants with keeping water in their cells, maintaining cell wall integrity, fending off biotic and abiotic stressors, and creating energy, managers can help them survive the stress of summer.

Gold Standard 45 helps with all the scenarios below:

Keeping water in cells

Gold Standard 45’s amino acids are rapidly metabolized into osmolytes, which keeps vacuoles full and maintains turgor pressure for cells and grass blades.

Maintaining cell wall integrity

Gold Standard 45’s amino acids combine with phosphate to form phospholipid membranes in cell walls and help with cell wall integrity during stressful periods.

Fending off abiotic and biotic stressors

The number one defense to any stressor is a healthy plant. Gold Standard 45’s amino acids are quickly converted to defense structures and antioxidants that work synergistically with phosphite to enhance SAR in the plant.

Creating energy

By fending off dormancy, keeping cells turgid, keeping cell walls intact and robust, and creating a plant that can fend off abiotic and biotic stressors, we allow the plant to readily photosynthesize and create energy. By creating energy, the plant can continue its proper and regular life cycle and keep out of dormancy. In effect, it keeps plants green. The more grass is photosynthesizing and creating energy, the more chlorophyll it will have, and chlorophyll is literally green! Gold Standard 45’s amino acids will also metabolize and increase the life of chloroplasts.

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