What Makes Colonise Bio LTO So Special

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Colonise Bio LTO was made for lawn care, with a formulation that’s focused on the things customers care about most. Its highly specific blend of microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers supports plant health in these key ways:

  • Biology: There are multiple carbon-rich sources in Colonise Bio LTO that support the inoculated species in addition to the species that are already present in the soil. From a biological standpoint, these carbon sources may be even more important to the turf system than the live bacteria that Colonise Bio LTO inoculates.
  • Rooting: There are multiple components, including Armament, that work to stimulate root growth, increase root mass development, and extend root life. This all translates to plants that absorb nutrients and water more efficiently so the plant can maintain health and conserve valuable carbohydrates.
  • Turf color: The amino acids and nutrients in this formulation provide a rich green color response without forcing undue top growth. This is very important since lawn green color is of ultimate importance. Furthermore, this color response is expressed when applied during high-stress periods of high heat, drought, and disease pressure. These are periods where LCO’s can’t afford to apply much nitrogen. Adding and maintaining color during these times makes Colonise Bio LTO very useful during mid-season applications.
  • Fungicide use: Certain components, including amino acids, work to open stomates and cuticular pores, which allows for increased absorption of fungicides and other control products. This is why Colonise Bio LTO is a great tank mix partner with fungicide applications. Not only does the fungicide work more effectively and control the desired disease more quickly, but Colonise Bio LTO also features components that help damaged turf bounce back from disease damage and other environmental damage that may have recently occurred.
  • Increased nutrient availability: Improving biological activity in the soil naturally increases nutrient buildup and mineralization activity (increased availability) within the soil. Armament is also a big component in the Colonise Bio LTO formulation. Its main purpose is to reduce interactions in the soil that free up nutrients.

Colonise Bio LTO was made specifically for compromised soils. Armament, AminoPrecise, and Colonise technologies come together to improve nutrient uptake and plant resilience. Not only does Colonise Bio LTO provide a consistently healthy lawn, but it also addresses a variety of problems that are unique to lawn care. It does this through a proprietary multi-level biostimulant formulation, which includes:

  • Specific bacterial species that accomplish multiple goals in the turf soil system.
  • “Additive” nitrogen inputs above and beyond the typical mineral additions, which benefit turf by increasing nitrogen fixation.
  • Disease-suppressing organisms that help the turf system cope with various disease pressures over time.
  • Species that are effective in proliferating general biological life, which is especially important in soils that are “sterile” and low in biological activity and OM.
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