Introducing Foliar-Pak Base Calcium and Foliar-Pak Base Magnesium

new foliar-pak products base calcium and base magnesium

EnP has announced the addition of two new products to the Foliar-Pak line of nutritional technology. Base Calcium and Base Magnesium will be available this fall for the golf course and sports turf management industries.

Base Calcium and Base Magnesium are liquid, soil-applied products designed to fill the void between foliar calcium or magnesium applications and soil-applied granular applications.

Each product is highly concentrated, providing more calcium or magnesium than a foliar application. Base Calcium and Base Magnesium were also formulated with smaller particle sizes to be easily solubilized and adsorbed to soil cation exchange sites. The smaller particle size allows the products to begin working more quickly in the soil during in-season applications compared to a typical granular application.

EnP developed Base Calcium and Base Magnesium to remedy the calcium or magnesium deficiencies found on the base saturation, or exchangeable side, of a soil test.

In collaboration with AgSource Laboratories, Foliar-Pak uses a proprietary soil analysis report called Soil Solver® to diagnose nutrient deficiencies, optimize nutrient applications, and develop the right course of action.

“Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for every aspect of turfgrass nutritional management,” says EnP President George C. Murray. “We created Base Calcium and Base Magnesium as prescriptive solutions for certain deficiencies found in soil tests, and these soil-applied formulations complement our line of foliar- and soil-applied nutrients.”

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