What Makes Foundation 40 So Special


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Foundation 40 is one of Foliar-Pak’s flagship amino acid products and its effects have been benefitting golf course superintendents for a few years now. Among other things, superintendents have found better rooting, density, and color on their greens, tees, and approaches. With such great results, you might be asking yourself a few questions, like “how was Foundation Forty was developed?” and “what makes Foundation 40 so special?” Read on to find out the answers to these questions.


When it comes to truly impacting the plant with amino acids, we’re looking for free amino acids or a singular amino acid structure. Why? Free amino acids are small enough to be taken into the plant foliarly and, thus, absorbed directly into the plant. Amino acids other than free amino acids get tied up in protein or peptide structures, which create larger structures. Due to the size of the structures, the other amino acids will not be absorbed foliarly or directly into the plant.

With Foliar-Pak products, like Foundation 40, you get 100% free amino acids. We use a fermentation process to do this, which allows us to stockpile any specific amino acid and select the amino acids that are most critical to your turf and impact the plants in a richer way. This gives Foliar-Pak a huge advantage because we know how those amino acids are impacting the plant.

What Makes Foundation 40 Special

Foundation 40 is our amino acid supplement, which is comprised of only a few amino acids that were chosen based on their importance for improving the plant’s ability to build energy. These amino acids work to improve nitrogen assimilation, carbon assimilation, chlorophyll production, and ATP production. This all leads to more efficient production of proteins and better carbohydrate production and storage overtime at low use rates.

Here are some of the things that separate Foundation 40 from the competition:

  • It’s the most concentrated liquid amino acid on the market.
  • It helps limit nitrogen inputs.
  • It improves plant density and plant strength.
  • It helps reduce rolling and double cutting on green stands.
  • It’s quickly converted to certain known anti-stress compounds.
  • It increases the uptake of PGRs, fungicides, and other nutrients.
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