Mayfield Sand Ridge Club

Foliar-Pak products are not just treating the Mayfield Sand Ridge Club; they are changing it for the better.

“We use 11-0-11, 1-0-15, Manganese, Foundation Forty, CSi 12-0-0, and Promote in our greens program,” Brent Palich, Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Superintendent said. “What we’ve noticed since using the Foliar-Pak line versus other foliar fertilizers is just the consistency; clipping yields, green speeds, turf health—it’s all very consistent all the time. We used to double cut every day, but I have not double cut yet this year as a result of using Foliar-Pak. We used to see a lot of cleat marks from golfers; we could have had 30 golfers out there and it would’ve looked like we had 150. Now we can have 150 and it looks like we had 30.”

Adding Foliar-Pak Foundation Forty to the club’s tank has altered the amount of time growth and color change take place.

“I think we see a better response the day that we spray things,” Palich said, “We are seeing instant color change, not that they were lean to begin with but, you can definitely tell that afternoon that we sprayed.”

Foliar-Pak products have even changed aerification for the club.

Palich explains, “The Foliar-Pak Aeration Program is scary! The first time used it, I remember calling and saying, ‘we need to go aerify again,’ because it was already healed in. Typically, it’s a good seven days before we would mow after aerification. With the Foliar-Pak Aeration Recovery Program, we were mowing after two days. It was unbelievable.”

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Mayfield Sand Ridge Club

Brent Palich, Golf Course Superintendent