Social Media Roundup

foliar-pak social media roundup

The Foliar-Pak product line offers solutions to prevent plant stress, accelerate turfgrass establishment, enhance soil biology, and encourage controlled growth. But don’t just take our word for it. Foliar-Pak users aren’t shy, and many of them have shared their results on Twitter. Take a peek at some of this season’s tweets from Foliar-Pak users.

These are just a hand full of Tweets from Foliar-Pak users. Thank you to all who have shared your results on social media! We truly appreciate your support. Keep the Tweets coming, and we’ll keep sharing them.

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About the Author Storm Timberlake

As an intern, I work with EnP and the Xylem Marketing team on various aspects of marketing from product development and testing to product launch and the entire marketing communications process in between. I even get to spend time on the golf course working with superintendents, running product trials, and collecting data. My work contributes to Foliar-Pak’s marketing research and product development, which will translate to more tools for Foliar-Pak distributors and better products for customers!

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