Running More Efficiently With the UOP

The Property Company LLC and Co-Owner Angie Plummer decided to implement the Ultimate Ornamental Package (UOP) two years ago. Since then, the Property Company has been able to run parts of their business more efficiently, create a clear difference between themselves and their competitors, and increase their business.

Running More Efficiently with the UOP

All companies strive to run more efficiently and working smarter is one way to do so. The UOP has assisted the Property Company with achieving efficiency by helping them work smarter.

For instance, by using the UOP, Plummer rarely has to replant. In fact, she says, “Sometimes I get pots from customers with soil in it. While putting flowers in the pot, I’ll find out a drain pool was missing in the bottom. To fix the problem, I will completely take the pot apart – take the plants out, completely empty the container and put a hole in the container – then put the plants back in the pot. In a week, you never even knew I did that after using the UOP.”

By using the UOP, she also does not have to worry about health issues with her plants.

For example, one health issue she says she is not worried about is plant stress. “When the plants are starting to become stressed, you can go in and hit them with the UOP and by the next day you can see them perk back up,” Plummer says.

Another health issue Plummer does not need to worry due to the UOP is unhealthy roots (as a nice bonus, this issue will help her to work smarter in the future allowing her to plant less, also).

Plummer explains, “This year, while implementing the UOP, I ran into a good problem. Because some of the pots I use are smaller and the fertilizers in the UOP are so efficient, the root system of my plants became bound — the root depth was too much for the smaller pots.”

She goes on to explain that she’s going to fix this problem by planting less, “To remedy this, next year I am going to cut back on what I plant so the deep root depth will not be an issue.”

Leaving the plants’ health in her customers’ hands for a little while does not bother her either. She says “When I leave the flowers with my customers and I come back to droopy, struggling plants because they have not been watered every other day, I can quickly pull them out of it with the UOP. You would never know they had any issues.”

Differentiating Your Company From Competitors with the UOP

The lawn and landscape industry has an abundance of competition, which makes breaking through to customers difficult. The UOP has helped the Property Company break through to customers by allowing them to have a point of differentiation: huge, abundant blooms.

The Property Company’s use of the UOP has resulted in large quantities of blooms that are “huge by the end of the season.” The blooms are so big that Plummer is thinking of starting with smaller plants for all her customers.

She says, “Next year, I will probably start with smaller plants for all my customers. I notice after July 4th I have to cut the flowers way back. The blooms are so big they are out of control.”

It’s not just Plummer that is noticing the blooms from the UOP. Her customers are noticing, too. She frequently hears her customers saying things like, “you fertilized yesterday, didn’t you?”

Increase in Business with the UOP

It’s not her current customers that are increasing her business, though. It’s their neighbors. The Property Company picks up new customers from the neighbors of their customers. Plummer attributes the increase in business to the “wow factor” of using the UOP.

The Property Company LLC has a rich history of over 20 years in the Midwest providing professional property management services. Based in Syracuse, Indiana, and specializing in the northern lakes area, the Property Company is focused on customized services for homeowners and businesses that realize a well-groomed property is extremely important. They provide all the professional services required to have a stunningly landscaped and maintained property.

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