Gold Standard 45

Foliar-Pak® Gold Standard 45 is a new, patent-pending, amino acid-phosphite complex.

Foliar-Pak Gold Standard is a 45% phosphite product completely complexed with amino acids. By leveraging the strengths of amino acids, we created a molecule that is more water soluble than any of the current phosphites on the market, allowing for a highly concentrated, low-use rate product.

  • An increase in solubility helps it move into the plant more easily (either through the foliage or through the roots).
  • The product has a lower soluble salt content than other phosphites on the market. Creating a low-molecular weight complex with amino acids means an efficient molecule that’s not weighed down by an excessive amount of potassium, ammonium, or urea.
  • The total amino acid content is approximately 40.5% by weight.
  • The amino acids used in the formulation are quickly metabolized and converted into valuable defense structures. They convert to anti-oxidants, compounds sequestering cell-damaging oxygen-free radicals, stress messaging molecules, membrane stabilizing molecules, and they improve DNA replication. In essence they work in synergy with phosphites to enhance the systemic acquired resistance (SAR) response in plants.
  • The amino acid structures utilized are rapidly metabolized into key osmolyte molecules (choline and glycine betaine), ensuring the vacuoles remain full in plant cells. This ensures optimal turgor pressure on cell walls, which in turn maximizes turf viability.
  • In addition to helping maintain turgor pressure, the amino acids combine with phosphate to form phospholipid membranes in plant cell walls. This helps the plant build stronger cells more rapidly.
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