Lessen Concert Damage on Your Sports Turf

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Concerts are fun events for people but not so much for your sports field turf. The traffic and flooring put down over your turf at concerts can cause damage. Luckily, Foliar-Pak has come up with a solution to help your turf withstand concert damage; CSi L. CSi L strengthens the cuticle allowing the turf to hold its ground against physical abuse and traffic from being covered for extended periods. The added strength lessens damage after the concert teardown, allowing the stand to return to normal much quicker.

How does CSi L accomplish this? It creates and maintains turgidity in a 3-prong approach.

The first prong is a well-known attribute of silicon. Silicon acts as” glue” between cells and promotes cell wall strength and integrity. These functions improve traffic tolerance and stand up to summer stress.

The second and third prongs concern the specific amino acid formulated with silicon in CSi L. All 17% of the aminos in this product hail from an amino acid, one of the strongest osmolytes known to turf, thus the second prong. Osmolyte is a fancy term for “good salt.”

CSi L uses osmolytes to hydrate and maintain hydration in the cells. The idea is to load as many of these osmolytes within the cell’s vacuole. Water then flows to that higher concentration from outside to inside the cell, causing the cells to be full (turgid) and healthy. Loading the osmolytes also helps flex open guard cells, assisting other inputs, such as PGRs and fungicides, with entering the plant more effectively.

The final prong in the approach to create and maintain turgidity is the actual structure of the amino acid used in CSi L. The aminos in CSi L are the only ones with a “cyclic/brick-like” structure, which becomes vital if we lose the battle of maintaining water within the cell. If we’ve loaded these “brick-like” aminos in the vacuole of the cell, then start to lose that “water battle” to salts outside the cell, the vacuole will only collapse to where those “brick-like” aminos exist. Imagine a water balloon filled with bricks. As we start to let water out of the balloon, the balloon will only collapse as far as those bricks.

With our current amino acid technology, we can target specific amino acids, formulate them with specific nutrients, and realize specific and targeted end-user goals.

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About the Author Curt Geron

I am a Foliar-Pak territory manager and the lead for Foliar-Pak product development. I’ve been with EnP Investments, the manufacturer of Foliar-Pak, for almost nine years. In addition to my responsibilities at EnP, I’ve worked as golf course superintendent and owner/operator of a lawn care company. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from The Ohio State University, I developed a passion for plant science and fertility. If you would like to learn more about the science behind our products or discuss practical applications for using our products to improve turfgrass and plant health, let’s connect.

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