Does Water Volume Matter When Using Foliar-Pak Products?

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Water volume always matters. The greater the water volume you use, the more even application you’re going to get with liquid products and the safer that spray is going to be, especially in a lawn care situation when you’re out with a hose and gun in the afternoon. A higher volume spray rate will give you a safer product with less potential for burn.

Having said that, did you know Foliar-Pak products are perfect for low-volume applications using ride-on equipment like the Steel Green Manufacturing zero-turn sprayer-spreader machines? Foliar-Pak products are highly concentrated—meaning there are more nutrients and less filler in the jug than other liquid fertilizers. Plus, Foliar-Pak products are taken into the plant via foliar and root absorption, requiring less water in the tank.

We recommend applying three pounds of nitrogen or a quarter of a pound of nitrogen at half a gallon per 1000 when using low-volume equipment like Steel Green machines. Then you can add:

  • Armament Concentrate at 0.25-0.5 oz per 1000 (10-20 oz per Acre)
  • Carbosential Fe Turbo at 0.36-0.5 oz per 1000 (16-20 oz per Acre)
  • Microsync at 1.5 oz per 1000
  • Colonise Bio LTO at 1.5 oz per 1000

Our organic acid penetrant, Command, can also be used with low-volume equipment. Turf managers can tank mix Command with pre- or post-emergent herbicides and insecticides to get that control product down into the control zone in the soil. We recommend Command going out at 12 to 16 ounces per acre.

Bonus Information: What is a best practice for landscapes when applying nutrients out of low-volume equipment?

Apply nutrients to landscapes from an independent tank to avoid contamination from chemical residue that may exist in spray tanks. The chemical residue can cause defoliation in ornamentals.

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