CSi L as a Physiological Tool

Many folks apply CSi L a couple of days before topdressing to make the turf stand more upright so that, as the sand is applied, it falls deeper into the turf canopy. The result is better distribution of the sand, which helps firm your surface and reduce mower pickup of the sand.

Applying CSi L before core aeration works to strengthen cuticles, so the plant stands up to the physical abuse of coring, plug removal, topdressing, and dragging. With less damage, your greens will recover quicker.

Before concerts on sports fields, apply CSi L. It strengthens the cuticle allowing the turf to withstand the physical abuse and traffic from being covered for extended periods. Less damage occurs after concert teardown, allowing the stand to return to normal much quicker.

The below photos show ball mark recovery while using CSi L and Foundation Forty at 1.0 fl oz per 1,000 sq. ft. “Before” was taken on 07/12/2021, and “After” was taken on 07/14/2021.

before application



after application


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