Difficult Times Call for Consistency and Stability

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The world as we know it is ever-changing, and we are currently sailing into unchartered waters. With reduced “person to person” interaction, uncertain product availability, and shipping delays, it’s more important than ever to be ready for whatever obstacles may be just around the bend. Foliar-Pak helps my customers be prepared by acting as a solid safeguard and being their “go-to fertility” product.

Due to “social distancing” guidelines that have been enacted for golf, cart traffic has increased substantially here in Florida, and we are experiencing players who are dusting off their clubs for the first time in years. More play equals MORE stress. However, products such as Foundation Forty, CSi L, BioSea S, Amperage, Grow-In, Full Throttle, and Armament K have answered the call, providing a healthy playing surface, controlled growth, and replenishment of carbohydrates that were used over the winter.

May and June are difficult weather months in Florida. The weather is typically dry and hot with low humidity. This time is also a “transition” period for our customers that have overseeded greens. These factors, along with the increased play, create stressful situations that the Foliar-Pak product line handles with ease.


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Wayne Ward

“As a turf manager in today’s event-driven world, time is a precious commodity that we can’t produce or buy more of. That’s where the EnP [Foliar-Pak] products, Grow-In and Full Throttle, help me to quickly establish new sod with excellent playability.”

Wayne Ward, Facility Manager, Raymond James Stadium, Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Super Bowl 55

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Garrett Tillman

“Our greens were always good, but we wanted them to be great. We went looking for a program that would really help us promote soil health and take our greens to the next level. I have to say switching over to Foliar-Pak was a great decision with these goals in mind because that is exactly what we got. Within months, we had roots literally coming out of the bottom of the cup cutter. Our membership is thrilled with the playing conditions this new program allowed us to provide as well. Foliar-Pak definitely helped take our greens beyond our expectations.”

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About the Author Nathan Florian

I am a Bronson's Turf Solutions sales rep in Florida who loves helping customers discover the power of Foliar-Pak. I have been in the industry for most of my life. My family was and is involved in the turfgrass industry with Bronson's Turf Solutions. I also spent several years working on a golf course and as an equipment manager. For the last seven years, I have been working in sales, ensuring my customers have the best turfgrass in the industry.

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