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before and after shot of house using grow-in product

Grow-In is a versatile product used in all three factions of the green industry, lawn and landscape, sports turf, and golf. The three primary uses within the lawn and landscape realm are establishment, recovery, and ornamental ease of use.

Regarding establishment, Grow-In can be used when hydroseeding, sodding, or traditional seeding. As for recovery in general, Grow-In can help bounce a stand back from whatever stressor caused the damage, whether biotic or abiotic. When it comes to summer stress recovery, Grow-In is not that dissimilar from Colonise Bio; it contains all three of our technologies. What differentiates it from Colonise Bio? Grow-In brings more to the table with a complete set of nutrients. It has an 8-4-5 analysis of NPK and a full set of minors. Grow-In will also help to bolster roots and shoots which have struggled in the heat.

As it pertains to ornamentals, Grow-in shines for its ease of use. Instead of the original products of the Ulitmate Ornamental Program, many end-users just use Grow-In. It’s much easier with one jug than three. If budget is an issue and you can’t use Grow-In, then one or two components of the original program are still a great program. If all three are desired, work smarter, not harder. Switch out the three products for Grow-In.

Grow-In Case Studies

Grow-In for Establish (Northern Indiana)

This yard was seeded on April 27th, 2019. It was treated with two applications of starter fertilizer with Armament about one month apart and four applications of Grow-In at 9 oz weekly. On June 6th, about five weeks after seeding, the yard went from bare ground to lush turfgrass.

Yard Seeded on April 27th, 2019

Yard Seeded on April 27th, 2019

5 Weeks After Seeding

5 Weeks After Seeding

Grow-In for Recovery

Sod was delivered in July to the Chicagoland area. The sod sat on pallets for about two days and was laid mainly in a dormant state. After it was laid, two applications of Grow-In, one week apart at 9 Oz, were made. In the 3rd week, an application of starter fertilizer with Armament was applied. The photos below show the progression from when it was laid to when those applications were made. In the end, the roots were phenomenal, and the end-user and his customer saved thousands of dollars.

chicagoland area house before grow-in

chicagoland area house before grow-in application


chicagoland area house after grow-in

chicagoland area house after grow-in application

Grow-In for Ornamentals

Grow-In is easy to use and effective for plant maintenance and establishment. The photos below show plants on the day of planting in May and on their 3rd application of Grow-In in July.

day of planting

Day of Planting

third application of grow-in

3rd Application of Grow-In

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