Achieve Incredible Results on Trees and Ornamentals with Grow-In

after results of grow-in application

Foliar-Pak Grow-In is our swiss army knife. Initially, Grow-In was developed to offer customers a complete turfgrass establishment program with the use of a single product. But as time passed, we noticed Grow-In was useful for seeding projects as well as achieving incredible results on trees and ornamentals. Grow-In had evolved into a complete establishment program for turfgrass along with a powerhouse for rapid seed germination and a complete nutrition package for trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and hanging baskets. In this article, we are going to explore the tree and ornamental side of Grow-In.

The Benefits of Grow-In on Trees and Ornamentals

Grow-In is an all-in-one product designed to help trees and ornamental plants flourish. It is easy to use and effective for plant maintenance and establishment. When it comes to recovery, Grow-In helps plants recover from both biotic and abiotic stressors. It contains a complete set of nutrients, including minors. With the technology of Armament, AminoPrecise, and Colonise Bio, Grow-In protects nutrients in the soil, optimizes nutrient uptake, and promotes plant resilience. Specifically, Armament technology increases nutrient uptake by as much as 30%. It also produces deeper, stronger roots in trees and ornamental plants.

The Proof is in the Photos

before grow-in

Before Grow-In

after grow-in

After Grow-In

day of planting

Day of Planting (May 21st)

third application of grow-in

3rd Application of Grow-In (July 6th)

General Use

First water bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, and trees as needed without any fertilizer. Once the soil is appropriately saturated, use 2-3 oz Foliar-Pak Grow-In per 1 gallon of water. Drench only the soil; do not drench the foliage.

Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets:

For each smaller annual plant, use 8 ounces (1 cup) of finished solution per plant. For larger, established annual plants, use 16 ounces (2 cups) of finished solution per plant. For hanging baskets, use 16-24 ounces of finished solution depending on the size of the hanging basket. For optimal results, fertilize every 1-2 weeks with standard watering in between fertilizer applications.

Shrubs and Trees:

Drench 1 gal of finished solution per 1’’ diameter of tree or shrub. For new plantings, drench at planting and again at 4 weeks. Optimal results can be achieved if drenching is continued on a 4-week schedule. Established plantings can be drenched in the spring and in the fall. More applications can be made if desired.

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